Anitra Lane

Executive Virtual Business Manager
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Focus on SUCCESS and we will do the rest. Hello and Welcome to Ackiss VM. My Name is Anitra Lane, Executive Virtual Business Manager and Owner of Ackiss Virtual Management, LLC. I am a retired US Military Veteran with over 25 years of experience in Business Administration and Information Technology. A detail-oriented skilled manager who brings people, resources and technology together. I have mastered the art of administration and am diligent in my business practices.

I am an empty nester who loves helping people look at their business from an automated stand point. Because ultimately it leads to giving them more time to focus on the big picture (their business specialty), while letting me take care of the important little details behind the scenes. Spending time analyzing and breaking down tasks into smaller manageable items is where my JAM is…creating sales funnels, social media management, and online program management is just a small part of what I do for my clients. As a Ackiss VM client, you get your very own Virtual Manager (VM) — a smart, highly trained US-based point person who works remotely as your right hand and left brain. You delegate the task and your VM makes it happen.

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Our Mission

My Mission is to provide small business owners with the assistance needed to help maximize their Online business. I use a Simple Manageable and Realistic Tasks (SMART) approach to get them automated & organized, giving them back the time to experience business FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY!


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